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Árstíðir lífsins and CARPE NOCTEM come together on 'Aldrnari'

United on a transcendental black metal front.

Cover art by Artem Grigoryev

What you see before you here today is a living, breathing entity of musical literature aimed at taking on multiple extremes, life and death, war and fire. Spanning across two lengthy 20+ minute compositions, the Aldrnari split serves as a culmination of two premiere black metal acts, that being Árstíðir lífsins and CARPE NOCTEM. It's an ever-evolving work of art that unfolds with every listen and opportunity for engagement. To deliver on the visual end, the bands relied on the intricate work of Artem Grigoryev. Rather than simply becoming a complement to the release, the cover is one with the music, sparking intrigue with every passing minute of the black metal atmospheres it represents.

Stream the two Aldrnari tracks below and visit the Van Records webstore on April 24th for physical orders, which include sweet amber-colored vinyl and digipak CD.



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