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40 WATT SUN announces new album 'Perfect Light' + share lead single

The follow up to 'Wider than the Sky' (2016) wears the heart on the sleeve in true Patrick Walker fashion.

Known for being a master of melancholy, Patrick Walker and the accompanying hymns that come from his 40 Watt Sun moniker immerse audiences into a moment, a moment that sparks reflection and introspection amidst the duality of life. The lyrical elegance of Walker takes new form with the highly-anticipated and newly announced album, Perfect Light, which arrives on January 21st, 2022 digitally via Cappio Records and physically via Svart Records. Lead single The Spaces in Between arrived alongside the announcement and finds Walker (guitar and vocals) joined by drummer Ajit Gill, bassist Ryan Cowell, and pianist Chris Redman for a raw and honest composition. It's melodic, powerful, and true to Walker's ambitions, the likes of which serve as a conduit for heart-driven songcraft. We've just entered November and 40 Watt Sun already have us looking forward to the new year.


Stream The Spaces in Between below and pre-order your copy HERE.

40 watt sun
Cover Photograph by Patrick Walker


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