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Iconic 7SECONDS record 'The Crew' to receive first ever reissue

Trust Records and BYO compile a deluxe version of the seminal outing.

7Seconds (1981) By Gary Elam

As members of Refused, NOFX, and Dead Kennedys would attest, the impact of Reno's 7SECONDS spans decades and will forever be felt. The hardcore punks were the epitome of the thriving DIY movement of the 80's, creating camaraderie through fanzines and organizing local shows that hosted the likes of Black Flag and Minor Threat. In 1984, the band got together with Shawn and Mark Stern of Better Youth Organization (BYO) to record their debut record, The Crew, a record that would go on to become a genre staple.

Today, Trust Records in partnership with BYO announce the reissue of The Crew in the way that it deserves, to be released on June 25th. The Crew, which consists of 18 legendary songs in the course of 20 minutes, will be receiving a deluxe rework that will find the record being pressed on vinyl and for the first time ever be available digitally across all streaming platforms. The tracks were remastered from the original analog tapes by producer David Gardner and will be accompanied by a must-own gatefold packaging, a beautiful 20-page, full-color book on the oral history of the band from inception, insights, anecdotes from countless renowned musicians, unpublished flyers, photos, and so much more. It's an all encompassing release that provides the ideal entry point to a significant time in punk and music history in general. To ease listeners into the full release, the remastered version of Young Until I Die is now available to stream.

Band frontman Kevin Seconds recounts of Young Until I Die:

“‘Young Until I Die’ was written in ’83. I was working at a casino and I remember writing the lyrics on the back of a Keno ticket. I was working this eight-hour shift as the guy that gave change out to people playing slot machines. The worst, most depressing job. The only thing that saved me was I was constantly writing lyrics on the back of these Keno tickets”.

Stream the remastered Young Until I Die and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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