A Beast Unfolding: An Interview with Chad Petit (ANGEROT)

Recapping the monstrous The Divine Apostate and exploring the mind that made it so.

Words by @MoMetalTrax:

A few years ago in the seclusion of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a few veteran American Death Dealers formed ANGEROT from the ashes of their longtime band SUFFER. In 2018, they released one of the better underground metal albums in The Splendid Inequity. In fact, it was one of the best overall releases from that year, and with the help of veteran producer Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio and guest musicians James Murphy and LG Petrov, it was pretty explicit what the band was trying to accomplish with its deep concentration of HM-2 worship, which was clearly front and center. The sound, production and execution was superb, and the reception was overwhelmingly welcome as the mix of old school Swedish death metal in a slightly modern delivery was both immaculate and impressive. How were these guys buried in the underground? This brings us to today and the arrival of ANGEROT’s sophomore album The Divine Apostate! Although the HM-2 underpinnings are still the foundation carrying over from their intentional debut, the new album unambiguously has a different feel and energy, and is quite simply a massive slab of American death metal, forged with dark, indifferent and brutal assertiveness. You have operatic elements throughout mixed in with the brutality, loathing, aggression and haste. ANGEROT may only have two albums under their belt, but its members are far from novices, and as many have stated after the meteoric reception of the underground debut release, this battle tested group of musicians have made an enormous leap onto the stage and from one album unto the next! One cannot overlook the musicianship and performances from the entire band and its guest appearances, especially from Jason Ellsworth, who is tremendous along with C. R. Petit's lyrics and harrowing growls that embody this release! Have your attention yet?


The Divine Apostate starts with a peaceful, angelic like opening and then erupts into Below The Deep And Dreamless Sleep, with those same angelic voices laid over the carnivorous riffage as the continuous calls for the demon incarnate bookend the track, and this is where we quickly realize this isn’t The Splendid Inequity part deux! On the second track, Terrance Hobbs (SUFFOCATION) contributes a standout solo on O Son of the Morning, O Sun of the Dawn, simply frenetic and aggressive from start to finish. Stand out tracks are in abundance as the unique Coalesced with Wickedness showcases Snowy Shaw’s (KING DIAMOND, MEMENTO MORI) fantastic vocal contributions and the mixture again of the operatic components we heard on the opener and throughout. The brutality from Vestiments of Cancer mixed in with its purposeful melodic sections, and coupled with the crystal clear rebuking of the cloth is a fabulous track! Counsel of the Ungodly has another guest appearance from Ben Ash (CARCASS), which is one of the bands signature moves; the addition of high caliber extreme metal veterans injecting their skills into an already fantastic effort. The song that kept being replayed over and over has been Father, Mentor with its expressive lyricism and pure poetic darkness, not to mention the energetic and dynamic drumming from newcomer Matt Johnson, which is absolutely sensational as it is throughout the entire experience. The album closes with the thoroughly epic Thy Kingdom Burned! Another intense track that the last minute and thirty-seconds allows you to somewhat exhale and let out one last gasping Thy Kingdom Burned from C. R. Petit, and in these unsure and chaotic events and times a necessary finale to this masterclass of a release. An album certain to rank on many year end lists, and if you really listen and get it, one of the finer death metal albums we’ve heard in quite a while. Highly Recommended! So if you are looking for the Soundtrack to the Apocalypse, look no further than to ANGEROT’s stunning The Divine Apostate…Massive, Poetic & Near Perfection!

Take my hand, Walk with me Teach me the ways of the father Follow your lead, Learn from me I am the ward of your ways…

Angerot (2020)