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A Cold Death: FROZEN SOUL at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn

An evening of sheer and utter pain.

Photos taken by Mark Valentino on January 5, 2020 at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.


The always turbulent Saint Vitus Bar was last weekend's death metal conduit as Maggot Stomp Records units FROZEN SOUL and VOMIT FORTH hit Brooklyn alongside STEEL BEARING HAND and BOWEL EROSION. Just five days into the new year and the infamous venue was already delivering the heat, one riff at a time. Seeing as each band knows no limit to extremity, you can imagine the level of madness that transpired that very evening. Heaviest of Art was present to document it all for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy photo galleries of each band's performance, courtesy of Mark Valentino:




VOMIT FORTH (Bandcamp):

FROZEN SOUL (Bandcamp):


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