Self-Contained Wonder: A Conversation with Aaron Weaver of Wolves In Throne Room

Talking through the high strides of the Olympia, Washington-based black metal trio.

wolves in the throne room
Photograph by Dreaming God

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

Amidst the beauty of Washington's forests lies Owl Lodge Studios, home of the Pacific Northwest's premier black metal unit, Wolves In The Throne Room. With the bar kept high with 2017's Thrice Woven, anticipation grew high upon the band's signing to Relapse Records last summer, marking the early stages for the next chapter to come. Fast forward a year and their grandiose new incarnation, Primordia Arcana, a true standout among its contemporaries.

Arriving tomorrow, August 20th, via Relapse Records, Primordia Arcana comes forth as the epitome of creative freedom. There were no barriers, no limits, and no non-familiar external parties involved in the realization of this black metal marvel, which incorporates the serenity of the great outdoors in an accessible and quite alluring manner. Prior to engagement, audiences are met by the photographic artistry of Amjad Faur, a professor in the Visual Art and Visual Studies department of Evergreen State College. Faur captures the mystical essence of the trio by helping craft and capture an altar of the band's symbolical items, representative of the record's personal qualities. What brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver and Kody Keyworth composed for Primordial Arcana is nothing short of extraordinary as if to offer a temporary escape from the world through an engagement beyond a surface level listen. It's a high mark not only for the near two decade trajectory since the band's inception but for the genre as a whole, serving as a benchmark in comprehensive composition.

We welcome multi-instrumentalist Aaron Weaver of Wolves In The Throne Room to an in-depth discussion on the band's photographic partnership with Amjad Faur, their intentional DIY approach, the native devil's club plant, and much more:

Almost two decades in and though one could say that most bands seem to settle at this point of their career, you do the opposite and expand upon your craft to realize what many will surely consider your best work to date, ‘Primordial Arcana’. With a newfound partnership in Relapse and this being a completely self-contained body of work, do you feel as though this is what you’ve been working towards all these years?

Weaver: It’s hard to say that because we’ve never rested on our laurels. It’s hard to say, “Ah yes, we’ve arrived at this place of completion.” I caught myself yesterday musing about the drum sound I want to conjure for the next record. I don’t really feel that there’s ever a place of reaching the end of anything. The music is so intimately tied to my life. There’s not a separation between me and the band and me as a civilian, if you want to put it that way. It’s all part of this process of unfolding my soul work and a journey of my heart. It’s going to keep going on and unfolding in mysterious and unexpected ways.