Newfound Energy: A Conversation With Jonas Albrektsson of KING OF ASGARD

Elaborating on the band's growth and audiovisual partnership with Mattias Frisk.

king of asgard
Photograph by Henrik Stolt

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

With new members joining their fold in 2017, Sweden's KING OF ASGARD began their ascent to the peak of their musical existence. Taudr came as a result and paved the path towards today's subject, Svartrviðr, a record that showcases their ability to craft eloquent melodies as just one element of their constantly unfolding song structure.

Arriving on May 28th via Trollmusic, Svartrviðr serves as the culmination of a band that has refined and restructured their delivery to coincide with their vision. Now five full-lengths in, KING OF ASGARD breathe from a reignited flame and Svartrviðr comes brimming with energy as a result, offering much in the realm of black, death, and folk metal in one cohesive manner. Like several predecessors, Svartrviðr is adorned by Mattias Frisk's artistic prowess, the likes of which captures and expands upon KING OF ASGARD's messaging.

We talk to bassist/vocalist Jonas Albrektsson about where the band is now, their intentional approach to artwork, and more:

‘Svartrviðr’ is nearly here and it serves as a powerful full-length that resembles the growth you’ve made as a newly reinvigorated band since 2017’s ‘Taudr’. Having now reflected and further strengthened the bond you’ve built over the years, where is King of Asgard now and where did you all find common ground when approaching ‘Svartrviðr’?

Albrektsson: I believe this started back when we made the changes in the line-up and new blood came running in our tired veins. The foundation was great back then as well, but it needed more conviction and fighting spirit, which truly happened along with those moves. The writing and composing process went in a slight new direction with a hunger and strive that hadn't been present before. We got more determined. These days, we all have a more common goal and a more equal perception of how the King of Asgard material is to be presented. Everyone has similar musical taste and an overall view of how to reach the end result, doing it in the most convenient way with the 'product' being true to our hearts. That said, we feel safe in all aspects within the band and work very good together as a unit. The pieces just kind of fall into place without us even noticing.

king of asgard