The Bridge To Opposite Extremes: A Conversation With 鬼 of UNREQVITED

The Canadian mastermind continues on a limitless path of self-reflection.

Photograph by Robin Parsons

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

If we've taken anything from the variety of one-member bands that have risen in recent years, it's that sometimes a sole being is essential to breeding a kaleidoscope of sound that bars any limits to genre confines. Multiple inputs can sometimes create friction, a friction not known when you take the helm for all aspects of the composition and arrangement of a release. In the case of Unreqvited, this kind of creative liberty has allowed for the project to evolve in more ways than one, blurring the lines of black metal as each release tends to lean towards distinct avenues.

On August 13th, 2021, Prophecy Productions gave way to Beautiful Ghosts, the latest chapter of Unreqvited wonder. The record, which comes gracefully adorned by the graphic design of Delta Options, is the happiest from the band's discography, a reflection of the multi-instrumentalist's state of mind. Aggression is absent here, substituted for pure cinematic elegance achieved through ambient passages and strings that soar to an awe-inspiring effect. Heart takes the forefront and the accompanying melodies and atmospheres reflect feelings of love, passion, and devotion, all throughout a varied song structure and format that make Beautiful Ghosts a showcase of immaculate craft.

We welcome (demon) of Unreqvited to a discussion on the expansive trajectory since the 2016 Disquiet debut, compositional purpose, emotional investment, and more as we near the two week mark since the arrival of Beautiful Ghosts:

Release day is now past us and fans have expressed their deep admiration for ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ throughout these past days, a testament to the relatability and power of it all. What does it mean to you as a musician and sole entity to connect with audiences in this way?

: I always write primarily for myself, so it’s always a massive confidence booster when others resonate with the music as well. I never thought I’d amass any kind of audience at all with Unreqvited, but I’ve fostered a wonderful community over the past few years that is incredibly kind and supportive despite how frequently I change up my sound.