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AARA guides mankind into deeper meaning on 'En Ergô Einai'

Enlightening the psyche via black metal.


Debemur Morti Productions is no stranger to introducing audiences to eclectic black metal acts, especially those that draw from philosophies and ideologies across history for unique takes on metal. A recent signing, Switzerland's AARA, are among those under the Debemur Morti banner that take the genre to new heights. The band are now set to make their label debut with the release of En Ergô Einai, set to arrive this April 3rd.

En Ergô Einai, which draws from the Enlightenment in eighteenth century Europe, guides listeners through man's pursuit of perfection via a profound display of black metal musicianship. AARA orchestrate an unorthodox, avant-garde collision of serene guitars and classical atmospheres, setting the tone for the journey set to embark. From it's thought-provoking lyrics to it's relentless blast beats, lead single and opening track Arkanum is a full frontal display of the many elements present here,

The band comments of the opening track Arkanum:

"'Arkanum' is the prelude to the album. An acoustic spherical intro by V. (Blut Aus Nord, Yeruselem) leads the listener into the first chapter of the journey of man's search for knowledge and meaning in the times of enlightenment. For the first time, man is confronted with the idea of the existence of an individual, detached from religion and classes - driving forward the development of science and culture. A constant alternation of emotions and moods in the song structure portrays the rift between new and old, expresses the detachment from the conventional and euphoric mood. This is the beginning of a development that will plunge man into deep questions and the demand for significance. Man between the search for meaning and the bitter insight of his own insignificance."

Stream Arkanum below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Michael Handt


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