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ADULT SWIM puts together BARONESS, DREADNOUGHT, NERVOSA, and more on Metal Swim 2

Rick & Morty isn't the only good thing on the network.

Cover art by Becky Cloonan

Following up on their initial compilation, renowned TV-network Adult Swim present the second volume of their Metal Swim series with Metal Swim 2. Consisting of fifteen brand new tracks by ALIEN WEAPONRY, AKVAN, AUTHOR & PUNISHER, BARONESS, BOTANIST, DARK CASTLE, DREADNOUGHT, EYEHATEGOD, KAT KATZ + ANDY GIBBS (THOU), NERVOSA, OATHBREAKER, SUNN O))), THE BODY, VILE CREATURE, and VOLAHN, this heavy outing is sure to keep you at ease for the foreseeable future. The streaming-only compilation will be available for FREE this Friday, May 3rd, 2019 at

Metal Swim 2 curator Laura Sterritt comments:

"The spirit of metal manifests for listeners in all kinds of ways: as an art form, as an emotional outlet, and just good ol' fashioned fun. I was excited to curate this group of forerunners from metal's wide swath of subgenres, so both longtime metalheads and newcomers alike could find something within that resonates with them."

Enjoy a snippet of the madness that awaits below.


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