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AEVITERNE announce debut album 'The Ailing Facade' + stream lead single

Another gem under the Profound Lore Records banner.

profound lore records
Photograph by Matthew Ahearn

Death metal never rests and come March 18th, New York's Aeviterne will give way to a perplexing debut record, The Ailing Facade. Adorned by the haunting art of Mark McCoy, The Ailing Facade comes bursting at the seams with turbulent instrumentation that explores distinct sonic influences with seamless precision. As McCoy's cover would suggest, lyrics take an inward approach towards consciousness, sentience, productivity, and more. Lead single Denature wastes no time bracing audiences for the speed and sonic variation that awaits this haunting endeavor.

Stream Denature below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

mark mccoy
Cover Artwork by Mark McCoy


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