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AIHOS announce new album 'Hävityksen Maa,' cover art and first single available

Wondrous Finnish black metal.

Helter Skelter Productions show no signs of cutting back on underground quality delivery as they're now set to unleash AIHOS' debut outing Hävityksen Maa on March 29th, 2019. The Finnish unit breathe an intense and commanding form of black metal that possesses one's own soul with riffage from the depths of hell. The tracks on Hävityksen Maa, which embody, mysticism and wonder, are imaginative and unrelenting, making for an excellent release that is soon to hit shores.

Tracklisting for Hävityksen Maa: 1. Hetki Ennen Kuolemaa 2. Verikruunu 3. Eilinen Palaa 4. Ikuiset 5. Hävityksen Reunalla 6. Tulen ja Jään Liitto 7. 41 8. Ancestors Blood

Stream the first single Ancestor's Blood below and pre-order your copy of the record via our friends at Helter Skelter.


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