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AKROTHEISM premiere new track 'Typhonian Serpents'

Elite Greek black metal.

Today, AKROTHEISM unleash a second taste of their forthcoming sophomore record The Law of Seven Deaths with the new track Typhonian Serpents. The full-length is set to arrive on March 29th, 2019 via Osmose Productions but you can stream the new single below in addition to the first single Manifesting Tartarus.

Aptly titled for it's sinister and towering qualities, Typhonian Serpents is evidence that this Hellenic black metal unit isn't here to play games. It's a perfect representation of Typhon, the beast known to be sinister and all powerful in Greek mythology.

First formed in 2012, AKROTHEISM explore esotericism and philosophy through heavy means. With the new full-length on the way, the band aim to take a leap in musicianship and cement themselves as one of the more prominent black metal acts of modern time. The Law of Seven Deaths was mixed and mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Emissary Studio, Iceland (Svartidaudi, Sinmara) and will feature guest vocals by Acherontas V. Priest.

The band comment:

"The Law of Seven Deaths came into existence to provoke those who dare to take the inner journey. The one to the uncontrolled liberation of subconscious energies."

Tracklisting for The Law of Seven Deaths: 1. Typhonian Serpents 2. Manifesting Tartarus 3. Desmotropia 4. Virtue Of Satyr 5. Oracle Mass 6. Skeptomorfes 7. En

Stream the new single Typhonian Serpents below and enjoy the wondrous art of David S. Herrerias on the cover. Pre-order your copy via Osmose Productions.

Stream the first single Manifesting Tartarus, because why not.

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