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ALTARETH announce debut album 'Blood' + stream lead single

From Gothenburg comes a doom metal force to keep an eye on.

Photograph by Daniel Bävernäs

As mesmerizing as Emanuel Petersson's cover illustration would suggest, Altareth welcome listeners on a tantalizing journey narrated by a selection of hard-hitting riffs to bask in. On November 5th, Magnetic Eye Records will host the arrival of Altareth's promising debut, Blood, an incarnation that harnesses heavy from the rich Swedish metal background for a composition of moving capabilities. It's the type of sound that results from a near decade of growth and subconscious inspiration, the likes of which shines bright on the fuzzy lead single Moon. Vocals soar and so does the spirit with a transition from sinister ambiance to an electrifying solo.

Guitarist Niklas Sörum comments:

"Our songs always come together in a collective effort and every member contributes with their parts even though riffs and lyrics are often created individually. There is a somewhat folksy vibe to 'Moon' that we all very much appreciate. The combination of raw heavy riffs with more fragile moments and a wide space for vocals is part of how we express the spirit of our Nordic influences. Sven and I came up with the riffs of this song. Paddy wrote the lyrics, which are obviously about the moon as a potent symbol. The funny story about this particular song is that Mats heard it before he became our bassist and it made him really want join this band. That's the power of the moon for you."

Stream Moon below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Emanuel Petersson


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