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An Eclectic Array To Experience: Primavera Sound Los Angeles

Looking ahead at one of this year's best festivals in Southern California.

From September 16 through September 18, 2022, Primavera Sound will transform the Los Angeles State Historic Park to a playground of musical talent from across the musical spectrum. The Barcelona event will be bringing a standout selection of artists to the LA edition of the occasion, which speaks to the intentionality of its curators. Black metal legends Mayhem and industrial trailblazers Nine Inch Nails? Giveon's moving vocal melodies and Lorde's joyous stage persona in one day? That's not all. James Blake's wondrous musicianship will grace the stage on the same day as Cigarettes After Sex' hypnotizing hymns and Arctic Monkey's fervent fanbase, the likes of which will surely sprawl throughout the park grounds. It's quite the unconventional affair, but one that will welcome introduce audiences to acts both new and old, offering much in the realm of exploration. With a lineup this diverse, one could surely assume that Primavera Sound's crowd will be far from stagnant, and rightfully so. Expect a memorable weekend from the heart of Los Angeles.

Tickets and more information can be found HERE.


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