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ANTI-FLAG announce 'Beyond Barricades: The Story of Anti-Flag' documentary

A retrospective look at the band's revolutionary existence.

Photograph by Josh Massie

Punk is political at heart, regardless of whether you choose to agree with the stances presented. It stemmed from a need to rebel against the marginalizing powers that be, a dynamic that is ever present today as it was decades ago. Among those who carry the genre's social significance is Pittsburgh's ANTI-FLAG, a band who through their expansive discography have tackled unjust norms and paved the path for a new generation of politically-charged youth.

Today, the band announce the arrival of the Jon Nix-directed Beyond Barricades: The Story of Anti-Flag documentary, which tells the story of ANTI-FLAG's treacherous existence. Beyond Barricades is being presented by Alternative Press and will make its debut on October 3rd via Veeps. With in-depth interviews with the band, Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against), Brian Baker (Bad Religion), and so much more, Beyond Barricades highlights the impact that ANTI-FLAG on not just music, but the country overall.

ANTI-FLAG guitarist/vocalist Justin Sane comments:

"It’s hard to sum up the life of a band in an hour and a half. We started Anti-Flag out of a passion for punk rock with the belief that punk music had the power to change people’s lives and have a positive impact on the world. With this documentary, we hope people will see that while life may not be as straight forward as that idealistic philosophy, it isn’t so far from the truth either. Regardless of what others take from this film, for us the experience of looking back on the history of Anti-Flag - sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes unbelievable - leaves us grateful to have had the opportunity to live a very rare and at times extraordinary life as part of this punk rock band."

Check out the documentary trailer below and get your tickets to the livestream HERE.



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