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APPARITION announce debut album 'Feel' + share lead single

Adorned by the harrowing art of Abomination Hammer for full sensory terror.


Apparition continue LA's death metal consistency with their newly announced debut, Feel, which is set to arrive on October 22nd via Profound Lore Records. Like the daunting Abomination Hammer cover it sports, Feel towers over listeners with uncompromising tone and instrumentation that harnesses from drummer/vocalist Andrew Morgan and guitarist/bassist Miles McIntosh's jazz background. Lead single Unequilibrium provides a glimpse at the band's musical intricacies, switching pace at moment's notice as it unfolds with new layers. Well-crafted riffs and bludgeoning death doom passages await this musical embodiment of hell.

Stream Unequilibrium below and stay tuned for pre-order information.

Cover art by Abomination Hammer


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