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ARTHUR BROWN announces new album 'Long Long Road' + shares lead single

The God of Hellfire returns with a moving endeavor to ring in his 80th birthday the right way.

arthur brown
Photograph by Harvey Waller

There are few like the multi-faceted Arthur Brown, a mastermind known for his commanding theatrics and moving songcraft. Decades into his musical trajectory and the self-proclaimed God of Hellfire continues to astound in unique fashion, as we'll see with today's announcement of new album, Long Long Road. Arriving on Arthur's 80th birthday of June 24th via Prophecy Productions, Long Long Road is a lesson in vocal range and forward thinking instrumentation. Lead single/title track released today with a neat animated video that accompanies the graceful, blues-like ballad.

Arthur Brown comments:

"This album as well as this song were written in collaboration with Rik Patten, a good friend and a superb musician. While we were working on 'Long Long Road', many disturbing things were going on around the globe - just as they are happening now. Rik and I felt like asking humankind to look back along the history of our planet and to notice, how dangerous and yet at the same time full of promise human life is. We are all travelling on what appears to be a long road but that is in truth a never-ending path. It seems that we all carry our darkness and light, and that at crucial moments some deep neural pathways of darkness arise to block out the light. 'Long Long Road' is a song of hope, a song of love, an anthem to remind us that we actually do have choices. We determine how we behave, the stories that we listen to and what we tell ourselves, and ultimately how we act and what kind of person we are. The question is, if we as humans can be, in the eternal moment, viewing all that is, as if for the first time, an independent living whole and joined together by love?"

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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