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ASAGRAUM unleash "Abomination's Altar" from forthcoming record

A spellbinding black metal offering.

Photograph by Christian Misje

Believe us when we say that Bahrull Marta's artistic efforts are a clear indication of the temperatures set by ASAGRAUM's melodic fury. The black metal unit's sophomore record Dawn of Infinite Fire is arriving on September 13th via Edged Circle Productions and the band have made available the new single Abomination's Altar in anticipation.

Where Potestas Magicum Diaboli established ASAGRAUM's intense potency, Dawn of Infinite Fire sees the unit evolve in pure, triumphant black metal fashion. The nine-track effort merges the genre's most prolific qualities, from sheer aggression to sadistic riggage. The expansive soundscapes brought forth by Dawn of Infinite Fire is one approachable to all who take pleasure in black metal's wonders and Abomination's Altar is testament to that.

Stream Abomination's Altar below and pre-order Dawn of Infinite Fire HERE.

Cover art by Bahrull Marta


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