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ASPHYX share new single 'The Nameless Elite'

Alongside a music video filmed at the Overloon War Museum in The Netherlands.

Cover art by Axel Hermann

Inching closer to another monstrous full-length in their legendary death metal existence, ASPHYX have shared their latest single, The Nameless Elite, as yet another offering of the madness that awaits on Necroceros. Arriving on January 22 via Century Media, Necroceros bursts forth with a signature Axel Hermann cover that encapsulates the gruesome nature of the band's death metal craft, one that has left a mark on the genre.


Frontman Martin van Drunen comments on the track:

"This third single of our forthcoming Necroceros album is entitled 'The Nameless Elite' and is about modern-day warfare, especially about the brave men and women in the many international elite units that combat any form of terror to protect us all against violent acts of insanity. We thought the location at the Overloon War Museum was a fantastic one to shoot a video for any kind of song dealing about war and the Sherman tank in the clip actually did serve during WWII on the battlefields in that area. It may not be directly related to the content of the track, but Asphyx is a band that has always and will always take on any subject concerning war, without glorifying it. War is Hell."

Drunen adds:

"We would very much like to thank the wonderful cooperative people of the Overloon War Museum in The Netherlands for giving us permission to shoot there, causing pleasant chaos with our noise and smoke!"

Stream The Nameless Elite below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE. Tune in to the band's FREE record release livestream on January 23rd (9PM CET) HERE.



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