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AUGUST BURNS RED shares new single 'Vengeance'

The Lancaster unit drop a venue leveling affair midway through their ongoing tour.

Is it Doom Guy? Or is it B.J. Blazkowicz from the Wolfenstein game series? Who knows, but upon the announcement of new single Vengeance, August Burns Red gave eager fans much to talk about on cover art alone. Let that curiosity guide you towards a track of towering proportions, the inevitable result of a band in prime form.

The band comment:

"Earlier this year, we set out to write a standalone single that was fast, heavy, and concise. 'Vengeance' is that song. It's ABR at our most raw."

"The song speaks about how much meaner the last 18 months seem to have made everyone. There is a lack of compassion and understanding for others, and we should be doing all we can to bring that back into our lives."


Stream Vengeance below or in your platform of choice HERE. August Burns Red is currently celebrating Leveler's tenth anniversary on tour and you can find remaining dates/tickets HERE.


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