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AUROCH present 'Coffin Nails' from forthcoming MLP

Few will match the intensity of this relentless endeavor.


Beneath the fiery gaze of Lupe Vasconcelos' depictions is an untamed blackened death metal beast by way of Vancouver's AUROCH, who are set to make their return with the April 24th release of Stolen Angelic Tongues. The MLP arrives via 20 Buck Spin and marks the band's first new release since Mute Books (2016), further demonstrating the scope in which the unit operate. To celebrate the announcement, AUROCH have made available the lead single Coffin Nails below, laying the path for incoming vicious undertaking. The 3-minute outing is a sprawling blast beat abyss that swarms the senses at full impact, challenging your expectations for extreme music.

Stream Coffin Nails below and stay tuned for pre-order information in the coming weeks.

Cover art by Lupe Vasconcelos


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