Behind The Cover: BEYOND GRACE - Our Kingdom Undone

Diving into a wondrous, death metal world of pure immersion and self-reflection.

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

As the world came to a full stop, periods of isolation allowed for introspection while a sociopolitical and natural turmoil ran rampant across countries. This distinction of looking for peace at a time where there is none on a collective scale sparks a great desire for creative expression, an expression that harnesses from said turmoil and pursues a deeper thought as a reaction of society's shortcomings. This takes form via music, literature, film, and the arts as a whole. Nottingham, UK-based death metal act Beyond Grace allow their music to serve as a conduit for their resentment, as evident on their all-encompassing new full-length, Our Kingdom Undone.

Arriving on September 3rd via the always consistent Prosthetic Records, Our Kingdom Undone expands upon the band's debut, Seekers (2015), through a multi-pronged delivery of technicality, profound lyricism, and more importantly, heart. Every line and reference to personal experiences was consciously layered by frontman Andy Walmsley, who took the frustrations of religious indoctrination and Brexit and channeled it into the hard-hitting composition that became Our Kingdom Undone. Shindy Reehal of Shindy Design took Walmsley's thoughts and crafted an inviting landscape that is equal parts empowering and melancholic. With each passing listen, viewers learn of the intricacies depicted throughout Shindy's and Walmsley's mutual vision, encouraging repeated engagement that is both welcome and needed to experience it all. Exquisite riffs and stimulating visuals await on a standout offering that Heaviest of Art has helped prepared you for.

We go Behind The Cover of Our Kingdom Undone with Andy Walmsley and Shindy Design to learn about the significance invested within every bloody detail of their war torn battlefield:

Andy, Beyond Grace is on a grandiose new chapter, and of course, it's a big step up from the debut. What drew you to Shindy's work when approaching the creative aspect of ‘Our Kingdom Undone’?

Andy: It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll try to shorten it. We originally had different art for the album and that art was actually done before we wrote the record. We had some big ideas and my friend Michael Cowell, who did the art for our first record (Seekers, 2017), had done the piece for us. It was really good, so we sent it to the label. Though they’ve been really hands off and very supportive of our vision, they mentioned the artwork doesn’t quite fit the record. What they were hearing and reading from the lyrics weren’t represented. They weren’t wrong at all. We’re actually using this design for a t-shirt on the next record because we’re already starting to write the next one and his art inspired some of the lyrics.

'Seekers' (2015), Cover Art by Michael Cowell

The record label recommended 6 or 7 people. Shindy was the second or third person I looked at, and I basically stopped looking after that. I was just struck with inspiration. Depending on him was risky actually because if he couldn’t do it, I had no other ideas. I had the idea in my head for the Boudica, this archetypal image. I use a lot of these images in my lyrics and visuals in my head.

When I looked at Shindy’s stuff, he had that grasp of the female form. It was solid and real,