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BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH announce new album 'From The Fathomless Deep' + share lead single

A towering effort with a sinister riff set to preface it all.

doom metal, behold the monolith
Cover Artwork by Dusty Peterson

LA's Behold! The Monolith have shed the light on the follow-up to 2015's Architects of the Void, titled From The Fathomless Deep. It arrives on July 15th via Ripple Music and lead single Crown/The Immeasurable Void accompanies the announcement to allow listeners a chance to tap into the band's crisp and hard-hitting delivery. While you wait for the album's summer arrival, stay tuned to Heaviest of Art for more on Dusty Peterson's wicked cover illustration soon.

Stream Crown/The Immeasurable Void below and pre-order the record HERE.


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