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Bestial black metal approaches with new HAVOHEJ record "Table of Uncreation"

Because the Profanatica full-length wasn't enough.

Frontman Paul Ledney's dedication to blasphemous quality is something to aspire to, having released multiple offerings from multiple outfits that date decades back. From PROFANATICA to HAVOHEJ, Ledney's reign throughout the blasphemous black metal underground is due in part to consistency. Following PROFANATICA's successful Season of Mist debut Rotting Incarnation of God just about a week ago, the Ledney-led HAVOHEJ is back with the release of the band's third outing, Table of Uncreation, set to arrive on November 15th via Hells Headbangers.

A bestial take on black metal is encompassed within this long-awaited HAVOHEJ release, which finds Ledney incorporating years worth of musical growth into one sadistic package. As audiences have come to expect from the frontman, Table of Uncreation is filth at it's deadliest, merging the uncompromising musicianship of PROFANATICA with lyrical themes from the deepest depths of hell. Ledney's rampant battering of the drums is recognizable anywhere, with the first audio sample Seven Jinn being testament to that. Few records this year can match the malicious entity that is Table of Uncreation.

Stream the lead single Seven Jinn below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Daniel Corcuera


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