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BEWITCHER announce new album 'Under the Witching Cross,' track available to stream

Complete with the satanic artistic touch.

Any record with a Mariusz Lewandowski cover art is a winner in our book. BEWITCHER's forthcoming effort Under the Witching Cross comes properly fronted and is set to release on May 10th, 2019 via Shadow Kingdom Records. As presaged by their Too Fast for the Flames EP (2019), BEWITCHER are bigger and badder than ever!

Under the Witching Cross is a pulverizing 33-minute assault that floods you with speed and menacing vocals. Simply put, BEWITCHER have not one fuck to give and refuse to let you breathe, pummeling you down one track at a time.

Tracklisting for Under the Witching Cross: 1. Savage Lands of Satan 2. Hexenkrieg 3. Under the Witching Cross 4. Heathen Woman 5. Too Fast for the Flames 6. In the Sign of the Goat 7. Rome is on Fire 8. Frost Moon Ritual

Stream Too Fast for the Flames below and pre-order your copy via Shadow Kingdom Records or Indie Merch.

Cover art by Mariusz Lewandowski


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