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BIRDS IN ROW share electrifying new single 'Water Wings' + sign to Red Creek Recordings

The French post-hardcore unit ready their next chapter for release this Fall.

Now a decade from their celebrated 2012 debut, You, Me & the Violence, Birds In Row mark a significant step towards their upwards trajectory in the expansive ranks of the post-hardcore genre. The band have now signed to Johannes Persson's (Cult of Luna) Red Creek Recordings label and will be releasing a new full-length later this year. Until then, Birds In Row have Water Wings to represent their contemporary musical strengths, which are quite noticeable after one listen. The band's sonic formula remains versatile, bridging punk aggression with glimpses of melodic beauty as blood-curling screams shower over the listener with resounding emotion. Let it be a proper entry point to what is sure to be another standout experience from the French ensemble.

The band comment on the track:

“The dreams that are imposed on us - of social success, accomplishment or, even, the vision of what happiness is - does not consider who we are or where we're from. Those dreams aren't ours, but are inherently ours. Being ourselves means struggling against these dreams that have been forced onto us.”

Stream Water Wings below or in your platform of choice HERE.


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