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Blackened death metal unit NETHERBIRD unleash "Saturnine Ancestry"

Hailing from their forthcoming new opus.

When done correctly, two subgenres can collide to create one uniform and refined body of music, even more so when your band includes musicians of a particular prowess. This happens to be the case with Sweden's NETHERBIRD, whose interpretation of death metal merges the most pristine of melodies while also garnering the ferocity of black metal. Their forthcoming new record Into The Vast Uncharted is set to arrive on September 27th via Eisenwald and the band have made available the ripper of a track that is Saturnine Ancestry for your listening pleasure.

Saturning Ancestry embodies the same menacing glory present throughout the band's expansive discography, only this time, it's taken to the next level with production by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, AMORPHIS, APOCALYPTICA) and mastering by Dan Swanö (ASPHYX, INCANTATION, MARDUK). Following a striking opening scream and eloquent fret melodies, the Scandinavian unit proceed to unleash blistering tremolos with earth-shattering drum work carrying the energy forth. This is NETHERBIRD at their best.

Frontman Nephente comments of the track:

"Saturnine Ancestry is the first single, and also the opening track of "Into the Vast Uncharted", thus it sets the tone for the album, both when it comes to the music and the lyrical themes. I would say that “Saturnine Ancestry” is dark, looming and existential, and quite introspective as are most of my texts on this album."

Stream Saturnine Ancestry below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art is August Malmström's "Älvalek" (1866)


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