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BLESSED announce new album 'Circuitous' + share lead single

The band's intentionality is brought to life uniquely by Nathan Donovan and Jacob Dutton.

Photograph by Heather Saitz

There's something to be learned about Blessed — an unconventional art-rock unit that draws from all ends of the musical spectrum to develop eclectic bodies of work that excite, question, and inspire. The band's newly announced sophomore full-length, Circuitous, arrives on October 28th via Flemish Eye Records and touches on the harsh realities of the hyper-capitalized, depraving existence that is our contemporary sociopolitical existence. It's all brought to life by longtime collaborator, artist Nathan Donovan, and Jacob Dutton, both of whom are responsible for all visual elements accompanying Circuitous. Lead single Anything is a proper introduction.

Frontman Drew Riekman comments:

"The narrative that you can be anything if you work hard enough is absurd. It ignores so many facets of life, development, geography, class, on and on et al. But it pits people against each other in an effort to become 'something', a 'something' that is loosely defined and shaped by personality rather than a communal vision. It creates a pedestal to put yourself or others on. You’re never good enough, because there’s always someone above you doing more. We’re reaching for unattainable lifestyles, that we don’t even need, that are hyper individualistic and negate the need for community. When you’re looking at the environment you exist in socially as a pyramid, and there’s people you want to be closer to 'at the top', that’s a net negative for anyone. The more accessible we are, and on the level with each other we are in our immediate places, the more we gain."

Experience Anything below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover Artwork by Nathan Donovan


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