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BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE spark the mind with 'Patchouli Blue'

The German trio define musical excellence with a truly dynamic new outing.


Groups with decades of existence don't always age like fine wine. Compositions become dull, drive starts lacking, and musicians themselves begin to phone it in for the purpose of simply existing behind a household name. Let's be clear, BOHREN are not that group. As the unit nears the 30-year mark since inception, they continue to trailblaze in the realm of experimentation and reign supreme when it comes to blurring lines between genre boundaries. Come tomorrow, their latest offering Patchouli Blue will hit shelves via Ipecac Recordings and further cement BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE as a pioneer in creative musicianship.

Spanning 11 cinematic tracks, Patchouli Blue encompasses the more melancholic side of sound. Eerie yet solemn at times, the record highlights the brilliance behind the varying piano synth and saxophone, which are always ever changing. Add spine-chilling organ work to add tension and one becomes well-aware that is further from what may expect jazz to be. Not one track sounds like the other, each evolving with every passing minute to build one meticulous collection of hymns. Patchouli Blue may not be heavy by definition (or by any standards), but the overarching emotion felt through each saxophone note is enough to level the mind and warrant full engagement. Let the lead single Tief gesunken take you for a spin and prepare the psyche for the stimulating experience to follow.

Stream Tief gesunken below and pickup your copy of Patchouli Blue HERE.



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