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BOSS KELOID announce new album 'Family The Smiling Thrush' + share lead single

Another massive outing by the British quartet, the likes of whose sound defines heavy.


If a record releases under the Ripple Music banner, you can count on it being a certified dose of tantalizing sonics. BOSS KELOID are no exception and today, the unit announce the arrival of their next chapter, Family The Smiling Thrush.

Arriving on June 4th, Family The Smiling Thrush sports a signature BOSS KELOID experience of immersive qualities, a feat achieved through the band's exquisite use of prog-rock. Lead single Gentle Clovis sets the stage for the record's arrival with a hard-hitting chorus that transmits emotion, prefaced and followed by an electrifying collection of riffs and guitar solos that further transcend Family The Smiling Thrush into the elite of this year's psychedelic offerings.

Frontman Alex Hurst comments on Gentle Clovis:

"Gentle Clovis is is all about staying true to your roots and those parts of you which make you individual, whilst abandoning your ego when the greater good can benefit. It's a song about family, friends and letting your strengths individually or as part of a collective flourish and carry you."

Stream Gentle Clovis below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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