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CAILLEACH CALLING to release new album 'Dreams of Fragmentation'

The new band features members of Botanist, Dawn of Ouroboros, and ex-White Ward.

Any random dive into the Debemur Morti Productions catalog and you're bound to come across an eclectic selection of offerings from across the metal spectrum. The label is home to some of the most forward-thinking metal acts of today and Cailleach Calling, the newly founded band featuring current and former members of Botanist, Dawn of Ouroboros, and White Ward, excels at doing so with a boundless approach. The band's debut offering, Dreams of Fragmentation, arrives on March 11th via Debemur Morti Productions and can arguably be hailed as one of the most moving compositions you'll experience this year. We say experience rather than hear because Dreams of Fragmentation is exactly that - an experience. Take the ethereal lead single Mercurial Invasion for a spin on a night drive or moment of solace and allow yourself to feel.

Stream Mercurial Inversion below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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