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Cannibal Corpse at The Wiltern: A Sold-Out Battleground

The death metal legends continue to reign with blood-curling mastery.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Text, Photos by Maurice Nuñez (@devilman.138) at

The Wiltern on November 22nd, 2022:

As the year comes to a close, Cannibal Corpse leads the charge for one of the genre's most well-rounded touring bills of the year, bringing together Dark Funeral, Immolation, and Black Anvil for a hard-hitting collection of performances across North America. In Los Angeles, the George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher-led group brought their brutal assault to a sold out show at The Wiltern.

The Swedish black metallers in Dark Funeral delivered a standout co-headline showing. It was the first time the band played in LA since the start of the pandemic and that night, they got things started with the ripping Unchain My Soul, followed by Hail Murder.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Bodies kept moving and the enthusiasm was through the roof as the band continued to tear through fan favorites like Leviathan, My Funeral, Nail Them To The Cross, and

Let The Devil In. They ended their set with Where Shadows Forever Reign and set the stakes high for a memorable death metal performance to follow.

Dark Funeral Photo Gallery

The Wiltern had hit its peak in time for Cannibal Corpse's entrance, an entrance met by a roaring crowd ready to lay waste to the iconic venue. Scourge of Iron opened the festivities on a good note and attendees went wild as the band came out crushing. Two huge mosh pits took over the floor and bodies went flying as the band played the hits: The Time to Kill Is Now, Code of the Slashers, Fucked With a Knife, I Cum Blood, and Death Walking Terror.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

The band's signature death metal hymns remain as maniacal on the live stage as they've always been, and that night was no exception. Corpsegrinder paid tribute to the late great The Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad by wearing his memorial shirt on stage and delivering a prime performance. There's truly few like Cannibal Corpse.

The night came to an end when they played their infamous encore, Hammer Smashed Face, putting the finishing touches on a high note and further cementing themselves among the most celebrated.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

See the full set list and a photo gallery of the performance below in anticipation of the tour's upcoming dates.


Scourge of Iron

The Time to Kill Is Now

Inhumane Harvest

Code of the Slashers

Fucked With a Knife

The Wretched Spawn


Kill or Become

I Cum Blood

Evisceration Plague

Death Walking Terror

Condemnation Contagion

Necrogenic Resurrection

Unleashing the Bloodthirsty

Devoured by Vermin

A Skull Full of Maggots

Stripped, Raped and Strangled


Hammer Smashed Face


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