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CARNAL TOMB unleash a monstrous slab of death on "Abhorrent Veneration"

Filth beyond measure.

There seems to be no shortage of putrid death metal in contemporary times, but who's complaining? Not I, and even less so with CARNAL TOMB's Abhorrent Veneration well on it's way to speakers across the globe. The German unit will deliver this massive slab of oozing death metal on July 26th via Testimony Records.

One stream of Putrid Fumes and it's clear there was a team of crazy motherfuckers behind it all, and rightfully so. Tobias Engl (Drowned/Essenz) handled recording and mixing while Laurent Teubl (Chapel of Disease) handled the mastering. Quite the fucking team right? Abhorrent Veneration is morbid depravity defined, achieving said accomplishment through chugging riffs and malevolent growls. Pair that with a resounding bass and drum work and you're well on your way to what we feel is one of the stronger death metal compositions of recent times.

Stream the lead single Putrid Fumes below, which features David Mikkelsen of UNDERGANG and PHRENELITH fame. Pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Skaðvaldur (Urðun)


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