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CEREBRAL ROT deliver death on a silver platter with "Odious Descent Into Decay"

The Buck does it again.

Photograph by Desi Hermann

Decades from the glory days of death metal and yet it seems the acclaim remains thanks to the wave of debut records that further cement the genre as a prominent one. Seattle unit CEREBRAL ROT do their part and announce the release of Odious Descent Into Decay, out via 20 Buck Spin on August 16th.

Looking to take filth to obscene levels, CEREBRAL ROT pummel audiences through a pairing of blood-curling growls and desolate riffage on the follow-up to the acclaimed Cessation of Life (2018) demo. Odious Descent Into Decay dials up the death to 11 and is exemplary in it's display of heaviness from the Pacific Northwest.

Stream the putrid first offering Repulsive Infestation of Cadaver below and keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders, which are expected to go live in late June.

Cover art by Karina Monzon

CEREBRAL ROT will unleash the new effort via the live setting on the Odious Mess of Sleeping Decay Tour alongside stablemates FETID.

Tour dates and flyer below, with venue info to follow shortly:


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