Chaos On The Horizon: A Conversation With Mark Whelan of FUMING MOUTH

Fresh off of a glorious EP release and major label signing, the band ready their next chapter.

Just about a month ago, the world welcomed FUMING MOUTH's Beyond The Tomb EP, a brief yet impactful composition that introduces new elements to the band's death leaning formula. Beyond The Tomb, which arrived via Nuclear Blast and Triple B Records, comes as a proper follow-up to their 2018 full-length debut, The Grand Descent, taking the otherwise unbridled aggression into a more dynamic realm with tastes of doom to pace the tempo.

In addition to the EP release, Nuclear Blast Records welcomed FUMING MOUTH to their worldwide roster, adding an additional layer of logistic power to help propel the Massachusetts-based band to new heights. The signing and increasing fan engagement is but a testament to the work ethic that they've all invested into their craft, a craft that is sure to continue to develop along with their full-lengths.

We talk to frontman Mark Whelan about FUMING MOUTH's latest achievements amidst the pandemic and what lies ahead for the heavy-hitters:

First and foremost, congratulations on the release ‘Beyond The Tomb’ plus the signing to Nuclear Blast! The year may have been shit but Fuming Mouth definitely had a high point with the recent news. How are you all feeling closing out the new year with this momentum?

Whelan: First of all, thank you so much! I feel super lucky that a lot of things have worked out for us, especially this year. I’m feeling great personally and I’m really excited for the future of the band. I’m excited to keep working on coming up with better songs. The reaction to ‘Beyond The Tomb’ has been way better than I ever expected. The EP wasn’t hard to put together, but we had some roadblocks that probably just put my expectations a little lower. That was all blown away by the response.

The EP speaks for itself. Since 2019’s ‘The Grand Descent’, the band has grown plenty in both reach and musicianship and ‘Beyond The Tomb’ is truly a testament to that. It may be short in length but it is grand in structure, bursting with compositional variety and bridging doom a little more while coming off as more death metal leaning than your previous effort. The intensity of course remains high. Musically, where did you all find common ground when approaching the EP?

Whelan: I’m not sure what exactly the initial spark of it was, but sometime after the LP, we wanted to do a Slayer ‘Haunting The Chapel’ style, three-song EP. We thought it would be a cool way to follow it up. These songs are really big. They’re long songs. One of them is around six minute long, which was definitely a conscious effort. We wanted to make these songs breathe, so we made them longer and put more into them. Our headspace was really there when creating it.