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CHOIR BOY achieve soothing soundscapes on new single "Nites Like This"

One of the most audibly pleasing tracks of the year.

Photograph by Jordan Utley

The trajectory of artists is always something to be interested in, given the source of inspiration and vast amount of musical influence lying beneath every lick and lyric. In the case of CHOIR BOY, who's band name originates from the teenage insults tagged upon frontman Adam Klopp for his religious upbringing, sound isn't reminiscent of experience. Seeing as Klopp later abandoned religion, dropped out of college, and went through different musical experiments, one would expect a different genre and tone of sorts rather than the dreamy sonics the band actually deliver.

Sure, CHOIR BOY isn't heavy, nor does their music contain blast beats or filthy riffs, however, it does harness the same pain stemming from life's shortcomings, as do metal bands across the board. This same pain is concentrated into a body of work aimed at achieving relativity through musical excellence. It may not be musically heavy, but it is lyrically heavy, and that's what most resonates here. Needless to say, the group's new single Nites Like This is a benchmark in vocal performance and melancholy. From Klopp's transcendental crooning and thick bass sound to the blissful inclusion of the saxophone, this new outing showcases the group at their best.

Now with the full support of Dais Records and a fully revamped lineup including Chaz Costello (bass), Michael Paulsen (guitar), and Jeff Kleinman (keyboard/saxophone), Klopp is set to propel CHOIR BOY into the next chapter of what promises to be an illustrious musical expedition.

Stream Nites Like This below and stay tuned for more CHOIR BOY in the coming months.


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