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Choral Transcendence: REVERORUM IB MALACHT - Vad Är Inte Sju Huvud? Review

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The chimes of Roman Catholic black metal reign supreme in this 91-minute outing.

Cover art by Reverorum Ib Malacht

Beneath the labyrinthine band-designed passageways of the album cover lies REVERORUM IB MALACHT's latest excursion, one that finds the band exploring boundless terrain. This excursion, titled Vad Är Inte Sju Huvud?, arrived on July 31st via the newly formed Rubeus Obex label (US) and Le Narthécophore (Europe), commanding an engaging listen.

Though generally categorized as "Roman Catholic Black Metal", the description does little to capture the maelstrom of elements at play. From the turbulent blasts to the drone-like dissonance and industrial rampage, one could get lost in the plethora of layers that the Swedish unit have packed into the release. Opening track Bönehuset is but an apt introduction to the horror, inviting listeners in with a dreary minute before erupting into a frenzy. It's a swarming affair, but it is just the type of track to ready the spirit for the remaining 80+ minutes.

Though structurally rich and surprising, the record may be at times overwhelming. The entity behind it all incorporates ambient tracks like Bli vis och tjäna din Gud and HErrens Ögon Svävar över Hela Jorden (Halleluja! Det är historia!) to counteract the insanity. They're eerie in every sense of the word, incorporating slight feedback and noise among a silent soundscape. You wouldn't want any of the two tracks to play while walking in an empty corridor. As haunting as they may be, they offer breathing room after engaging with beasts as massive as the 16-minute Att drivas av Kristi Kärlek och utföra Hans uppdrag, the likes of which is twisting.

Vad Är Inte Sju Huvud? may be a perplexing listen, but it stands as rewarding to those with the patience to dissect each unfolding detail that awaits. It's far from straightforward and rightfully so, given the multi-disciplinary approach needed to convey a world begging to be explored. We only ask that you enter with caution for it can swallow you whole.


Vad Är Inte Sju Huvud? is available now! You can stream it in full below and order your copy HERE (US) and HERE (Europe).


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