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Circle of Sighs 'Performs An Invocation' — A Boundless, Esoteric Being of Multifaceted Nature

The unconventional “kollectiv” release a compelling 3-part work intentional of its image.

Photograph by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

Today, LA's Circle of Sighs have released ...Performs An Invocation via their own imprint Pillars of Creation Rekords, complete with psychedelic cover artwork to boast and an accompanying limited edition Blu-Ray with ATMOS audio of the band's compelling visual interpretation of the music. More than it being a coalition of ambient passages, free flowing jazz and psychedelic metal, it expands upon its gripping visual identity through performance art, that of which is carried forth by mimes who express themselves accordingly. This is as "all-encompassing" as a group can get, and with ...Performs An Invocation being composed, performed, and recorded live in just one take with with all members in the room, it stands as one raw and honest effort to indulge in.

Stream the album in full below and pre-order vinyl and Blu-Ray format.

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