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COFFIN ROT define gruesome on "Miasma of Barbarity"

Portland filth makes the rounds this time around.

When the PNW and death metal are mentioned in the same sentence, you should automatically think about about the filth to follow. With bands like FETID, CEREBRAL ROT, OSSUARIUM, and more coming out of the woodworks with crushing debut records, you can argue that the PNW is one of the hottest death metal regions at the moment. COFFIN ROT join the effort with their newly announced record A Monument To The Dead, set to arrive on October 18th via Blood Harvest Records and Rotted Life Records.

To sweeten the deal, COFFIN ROT have made available Miasma of Barbarity from the deadly composition to keep you grounded from here to release day. Skadvaldur's gore filled brush work is but an apt representation of the musicianship that lies within, which garners influences from GRAVE, CIANIDE, and early IMMOLATION.

Stream Miasma of Barbarity below and pre-order your slab of death HERE.

Cover art by Skadvaldur


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