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COLD CAVE announce new album 'Fate In Seven Lessons' + share infectious lead single

The next chapter in Wesley Eisold's trailblazing darkwave discography.

cold cave
Photograph by Travis Shinn

Among those leading the charge for the contemporary resurgence of dream-pop is LA's COLD CAVE, a musical entity known not for playing comfortable but for harnessing from yesteryear into an evolved and modern take on the genre. To continue their upward bound, COLD CAVE set June 11th as the release for their next incarnation, Fate In Seven Lessons, which arrives via Heartworm Press. The uplifting new single Night Light sets the stage for one of COLD CAVE's most heartwarming efforts to date, one that urges listeners to push towards the light of an escape. With lush instrumentals to boast, Night Light makes for the perfect taste of Fate In Seven Lessons.

Frontman Wesley Eisold comments on the track:

"The song is about clinging to love the way people cling to religion and escaping the trappings of time. It’s an ode to the light in the dark, and end of the night anthem for everything you wish you said."

Stream Night Light below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.



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