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COLD GAWD share dream-like new single 'Gin'

The shoegaze ensemble inch closer to a full-length of staggering capabilities.

Photograph by Devon Cohen

On September 23rd, Dais Records will lay out the red carpet for what will arguably be a standout from the label's quality slate of releases, that being Cold Gawd's God Get Me The Fuck Outta Here. The record serves as a culmination of mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Matt Wainwright's musical history and ingenuity, the likes of which translates into a beautifully layered composition backed by wide influence. The latest single, Gin, speaks for the intentional investment that Mainwright placed into the LP as it sways listeners with glistening guitar tones and melancholic melodies to bask in. It's an exquisite offering of introspection that serves well as the soundtrack to your late night or early morning, sunrise drive.

Stream Gin below and pre-order the record HERE.


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