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CONJURER announce new album 'Páthos' + share lead single

The band's Nuclear Blast debut packs a heart-wrenching punch.

Britains's trailblazing Conjurer now mark July 1st as the release date for their highly anticipated new record, Páthos, via Nuclear Blast Records. The words "highly anticipated" get thrown out often, but in Conjurer's case, it's truly a fact given the masterclass that was their 2018 debut, Mire. This sophomore effort treads down an earth-shatteringly heavy path, not just in sound but in lyricism as well, rounding a multi-faceted work that will please anyone keen for a comprehensive experience. Album opener It Dwells arrived today and properly introduces the band's expansive compositional tendencies as we await Páthos this summer.

Bassist Conor Marshall comments on the record:

"Excited to finally be able to share the album with everyone! I’m sure this is the same for every band trying to release an album during the pandemic but it feels like we’ve been holding on to it for so long, so it’s nice for it to not be my problem any more and to be able to actually talk about it!"

Frontman Dan Nightingale comments on the single:

"I think 'It Dwells' is a good introduction to the sound of the record, from the musical influences to the lyrics and how we’ve drawn from what’s been going on in our lives, it’s one of our most personal outings for sure. It’s nice to have been able to step up our game with the music videos for this album as well. Good album. Top track. Boss man."

Stream It Dwells below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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