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COUNTLESS SKIES announce new album 'Glow'

The quartet prepare a towering sequel of anthemic proportions.


Four years from their standout full-length debut New Dawn (2016) and UK-based COUNTLESS SKIES are ready to issue another melo-death journey with Glow. Set to arrive on November 6th via Willowtip Records, Glow finds COUNTLESS SKIES taking their musical prowess to new heights with solos and guitar melodies from the heavens. It's the kind of full length that stems from a unit that is honest in their approach, feeding off each other's energy to deliver an epic.

Guitarist James Pratt comments on the recording process, which took place in his own home:

“It took a lot of learning and some expensive purchases, but it did have its upside. Not under the normal time constraints of being in a studio, we could take more risks, and get better performances from everyone. We also spent a lot of time adding more layers, harmonies, and even some extra instruments.”

Stream Summit below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Photograph by Carl Ellis


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