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CREEPING DEATH announce new EP 'The Edge Of Existence' + share title track

The Texas reign continues with another ripper to add to the fold.

creeping death
Photograph by Adam Cedillo

Death metal's ongoing resurgence has no end in sight, due in part to the consistency of bands both new and old delivering as expected. Creeping Death are among those who carry the torch for the modern era with their blood-curling old school worship, the likes of which saw great acclaim with 2019's Wretched Illusions. The band now announce their new EP The Edge Of Existence, which is set to arrive on October 8th via Entertainment One alongside an immersive Tanner Caruthers cover to lose yourself to. Like the beast of the predecessor it has, The Edge Of Existence ups the ante on extremity and comes right at the neck with razor ship riffage, sparking movement whether you're in your seat at home or at a packed venue. The EP consists of three new tracks (Relics From The Past, Humanity Transcends, title track) and reworked versions of Sacrament Of Death, Doused In Flames, and Skinned Alive from the band's 2016 debut EP. The Edge Of Existence is the sonic embodiment of Creeping Death. They're not trying to push any boundary or pretentiously sound like something they're not for the purpose of being unique. They know what they do and they do it well, as The Edge Of Existence can attest.

Guitarist Trey Pemberton comments:

“We’re aren’t trying to be the most innovative death metal band. We just want to be heavy and fun. You’ll hear a natural progression from Wretched Illusions to The Edge Of Existence. And the next LP will be different, as well. Each release will be at least a little bit different from each other, but they will all still sound like CREEPING DEATH. That’s who we are.”

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the EP HERE.

Cover Art by Tanner Caruthers


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