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Filth beyond measure: CREMATORY STENCH - Grotesque Deformities EP Review

The unit's sophomore EP delivers death metal of the highest order.

Two months into the new year and it seems that 2019 will experience the sort of death metal renaissance that occurred in 2018. Fans of all things filthy and heavy would be pleased to know that there's a new effort on it's way this week worthy of all incoming acclaim. Orange County death metal quartet CREMATORY STENCH are set to release Grotesque Deformities, the follow up to their self-titled EP (2016). The EP will release this Friday, February 15 via Blood Harvest Records. The band will be celebrating the release with a show in Los Angeles alongside INNUMERABLE FORMS, KOMMAND, and MORTAL WOUND, rounding up a solid bill.

The five-track outing is a well rounded piece of darkness that incorporates elements from across the death metal spectrum, from DEATH to PESTILENCE. Our sonic experience opens with somber atmospheres aimed at preparing one's eardrums for the pummeling to come. As the Interlude fades to a close, Septic Offal explodes with gruesomeness. The track has death doom elements intertwined, garnering interest from those who enjoy OSSUARIUM and ENTOMBED. Tempos are varied between high and low with blast beats scattered throughout. As we end this entrancement of gore, we're welcome with a double barrel armament.

One shotgun blast to the face and you're well on your way to a bloody display of cataclysmic musicianship. The title track follows the sounds of the cocking of a shotgun, which then erupts into a musical frenzy that leaves charred remains. Expect solos at breakneck speed, similar to that of SLAYER circa Haunting The Chapel and Show No Mercy, on both the title track and the following Hypothermic Expiry, of which is the EP's high point. Opening with galloping drums, Hypothermic Expiry commands with high tempos and grizzly vocals capable of transmitting a pulse to the one listening. The crisp production shines bright on this track, complementing the dynamic duo of Cruz and Valencia on the bass and drums respectively.

The closing track Slumber is anything but a deep sleep. It's quite the opposite actually, packing a punch with its slow death elements. This six-minute embodiment of hell is just absolutely disgusting and serves as the perfect closer to the hellish composition that is Grotesque Deformities.

CREMATORY STENCH do right by their death metal predecessors and deliver a quality composition of pure fucking death metal. Grotesque Deformities proves that the quartet are indeed one of the more prominent new purveyors of filth and with just two EP's in, you have to wonder how it will all come together on a potential full length. One thing is for sure, CREMATORY STENCH are here for blood.

Overall score: 9/10

FFO: Innumerable Forms, Mortuous, Cerebral Rot, Mortiferum

Grotesque Deformities is out February 15, 2019 via Blood Harvest Records. Order your copy via Bandcamp, where you can also stream the title track.


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