CULT OF LUNA brought the thunderous nature of 'A Dawn to Fear' to Los Angeles (Photos + Recap)

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The theatre walls trembled to the resounding sound of the Swedish ensemble.

Words by Rohan (@manvsplaylist), photos by Heaviest of Art at the Fonda Theatre.

An evening of heavy artistic creativity was on full display on a gloomy Tuesday night in LA, and the crew from Heaviest of Art were on hand to document what went down. Containing an admirably diverse assembly artists, the night was a roller-coaster of styles and sounds. It did not disappoint.

Starting the night off was local heavyweights INTRONAUT, who after having received an incredible reception to their latest album Fluid Existential Inversions (review), had a healthy crowd on hand as soon as they kicked into the jagged intro riffs of album opener Cubensis. The four piece act brought their newest material to the live setting in fine fashion. This may sound like a baseline expectation, but given the complexity of these compositions, the ever shifting time signatures (not just within a song itself, but across each individual band member at times), and the dueling lead vocal harmonies, each cut was executed flawlessly.

David Timnick, Intronaut

Across a brief 30 minute, 4 song set, the band drew entirely from their latest album and admirably managed to hit all the varied stylistic elements that make Fluid Existential Inversions so engaging. At times, every head in the crowd might’ve been moving to a different beat, a nod to both the warm reception of the material and a physical manifestation of the underlying complexity of the band’s sound. Here’s hoping the next time they grace their hometown stage, it is in a headliner capacity with a chance to explore more from both this latest album & their impressive back catalogue. INTRONAUT sounded great and were a perfect way for the even