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CULT OF LUNA share moving new single 'Into The Night'

The second effort to arrive from their highly anticipated new full-length.

Photograph by Chad Michael Ward

There's few bands in the post-metal arena as grandiose and forward-thinking as Sweden's Cult of Luna, a band who across two decades have never ceased to settle on a particular sound. On February 11th via Metal Blade Records, the band usher in their next venture, The Long Road North. New single, Into The Night, arrives today as a sharp contrast from the otherwise cold-blooded predecessor (no pun intended), Cold Burn. Guitars glisten in ethereal fashion while Fredrik Kihlberg exudes pure soul with a heartfelt vocal performance. Emotions permeate through the entirety of the track, transitioning from sorrow to a flaming sense of inspiration.

Kihlberg explains:

“‘Into the Night’ is about the search for something or someone that’s been lost. It's about being in the state between conscious and unconscious, awake and dreaming. Seeing, hearing and experiencing things and not knowing if it's real or imagination."

Stream Into The Night below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.


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