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DØDSFALL stream new record 'Døden Skal Ikke Vente'

More Norwegian black metal fury.

Black metal force DØDSFALL are ready to take listeners on a majestic passage through the Norwegian landscapes with their long anticipated fifth full length Døden Skal Ikke Vente, out tomorrow via Osmose Productions. The full record is now available to stream via Decibel Magazine.

The effort consists of 10 blood curling tracks embodying aggression and emotion. Producer Tore Stjerna of Mayhem and Watain fame worked on the release at the infamous Necromorbus Studio in Sweden. Given the band's eclectic musicianship and the production effort, you can of course expect epic compositions.

Tracklisting for Døden Skal Ikke Vente: 1. Hemlig Vrede 2. Tåkefjell 3. Svarta Drömmar 4. Grå Himlar 5. Kampsalmer 6. I De Dødens Øyne 7. Ødemarkens Mørkedal 8. För Alltid I Min Sjæl 9. Ondskapelse 10. Skogstrollet

Enjoy the cover art below and pre-order your physical copy from our friends over at Osmose Productions.

Covert art by Pazuzuh


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