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Dauþuz announce new album 'Vom schwarzen Schmied' + share lead single

The German black metal duo hit new and atmospheric heights on their 4th LP.


If Markasyth's bleak and intricately detailed multi-part cover isn't enough to draw you into Dauþuz' grandeur, then let lead single Der Eid/Bergschmied II play that part and immerse you into their vast sonic landscapes. The band now announce the arrival of their fourth full-length album, Vom schwarzen Schmied, to arrive on November 12th via Amor Fati Productions. Encompassed within it is a continuation of the band's signature mining and native land lyricism that is ever so carefully translated into their melodies as it tells the tale of a blacksmith. It finds a fine balance between black metal aggression and pure grace, allowing for both elements to shine with ease as listeners traverse from one track to the next.

Experience Der Eid/Bergschmied II below and stay tuned for pre-order information.


Cover Art by Markasyth


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